Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy [FINAL]

All around the world, individuals and groups are awarded opportunities and rewards based on the talents or abilities they showcase. This system is known as a meritocracy. In countries like China and Russia, meritocracy functions in job interviews held so that individuals are appointed for the position they applied for due to the competency they managed to show. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this is not the case as many other factors clouds up decisions in the minds of people. For instance connections with the powerful/elite, their current or former position in the society(minister, lower class family etc.) , race and even religion often come into place when a decision is about to be made. Thus giving a biased view to the people who deserves the opportunity more then others. With this in mind, it is therefore concluded that meritocracy is in fact nothing more than a myth in Indonesia.

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