Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is a Myth in Indonesia

Nowadays, to survive in this evil world, people must earn money for their living and because of that they must have jobs to do. Various jobs are available in the work field as well as how to get the jobs. Usually to apply a job, people have to submit their certificates, lists of their talents and other data that are required to promote themselves to be accepted in the job vacancies. When they apply for jobs, things that they should look for are high practical experiences and intellectual ability. However, this situation seems to be different in Indonesia . In Indonesia , everything can be got by just money, title and position. Anybody, who is richer, has good title and higher position, definitely will become the first priority, although they do not have the talents or abilities in their jobs. So, it causes meritocracy is a myth in Indonesia.

written by Sharon Tanamas

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