Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is only a myth in Indonesia

To survive in this crazy world, to survive people must get jobs and earn a living. In this cut-throat competition market, getting a job is not as easy as it seems. Usually to be successful in doing something u have to work your way from the bottom to the top. They only way you can go to the top is by showing your talent and hard work so you can be promoted. They should be judged by their abilities(merits), not other qualities like social status, wealth or family connections. This is called meritocracy. Some countries uses that system while some other countries is totally against that system. In countries like Indonesia, sorry to say this system is not used, in most companies wealth, family connections, social status and political power is more important then the person's merits(abilities). Therefore it is save to say that Meritocracy is only a myth in Indonesia

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