Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is a Myth in Indonesia

Since the old times, people need money for living. Hence, they find a job to get money and to be able to buy their needs and wants. In this day and age, having a job is getting crucial for each person. In the view of the fact that things has been sold in a higher prices, people are becoming more concern with their economy and decided to apply for a job. However, because of the high competition, applying for a job these days seems more challenging compared to the past period. As a result, it makes it harder for people to get a job. This situation cause the boss to judge people carefully so that he/she could select the best ones. Thus, there are various factors that decide whether a person should get a job or should not. These factors include person's own ability, wide connections, power, social status, and many others. Recently, good connections, social status and power are the factors that most influence boss' decisions. Other than that, one's ability or talent might also affect the decisions and if someone is accepted to have a job based on own ability or talent, it is described as meritocracy. In Indonesia, people could get a job easier by their social status, power and connections. It seems that it has been the most common way to get a job there. Therefore, meritocracy is more like a myth in Indonesia.

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