Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is a myth in Indonesia

To determine ones competency in various fields, logically they have to be graded by their skills,ability, experience and talent. Those merits are very important to have in order to endure their lives. More specifically in the society. In order  to survive in the society they lived in, they must have jobs to support their prior needs. As observed in Indonesia, there are not many work fields available and if there are, the requirements are very demanding. while demanding, there are only a few compared to the populations of Indonesia who meet the criteria. Sadly in Indonesia cases like that rarely happens. Sometimes there are still many who appoint ones based on their social status, wealth, and connections and not based on their merits. logically the one who has demonstrated their talent and ability is the one who ideally got the field that they excelled in. That is called meritocracy. In Indonesia the odds to be given responsibilities based on peoples merit are very low. It's save to say that it's only a myth. Therefore, a meritocracy is only a myth in Indonesia.

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