Thursday, 16 October 2008

Myth of Meritocracy In Indonesia

In our life, we have to take many decisions and we believe that every single person want to get a good and right decision. But sometimes people are usually following their heart rather than thinking logically. Unfortunate, it is happening in Indonesia. We should asking why this independent country which is Indonesia still tagged as a under poverty country? It must be happened because some reasons. For instance is government. In Indonesia, we can give our money to the government, do whatever we want and it is show us how the governments are managing our country. The government in Indonesia is just following their wants and they do not thinking about the future of the country. In addition, we can see that many entertainers in Indonesia want to manage the citizen by becoming a government at some parochialism in Indonesia. From the statement above we can conclude that meritocracy is myth in Indonesia because of the government and also the citizen itself. Indonesia is supposed to have good leaders, government and people who can use their intelligent to make this country much better. What do you think?

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