Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is a myth in Indonesia

English Assignment. Ian Eryanto Wongso. 01PBE

Indonesia, like any other countries wants and needs a great leader who can work logically, hard and honestly. Usually, these leaders are selected by the people who chose the president who will choose his/her own cabinet to help him/ her to run the country. Obliviously, only the best in their performance can only and should be selected. There are many methods such as nepotism, oligarchy, cronyism or social position to choose the people of the cabinet. But, seeing the repetitious bad condition happening in Indonesia such as major corruption, illegal logging and etc, it seems that the government is not selecting their people by their talents, which they should be. Therefore, seeing the progress of Indonesia government, meritocracy is just and had been a myth.


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