Thursday, 16 October 2008

Meritocracy is a myth in Indonesia.

Meritocracy is a system that gives opportunities and advantages to people based on their talent, skills, education and abilities. This system is known to be success to improve the economy such as in Singapore. Indonesia is one of many countries that suggested to implement this government system. Unfortunately, Indonesia still has not use this system. Until now, Indonesia still evaluate their people based on wealth, status and connections. For example, there are two people who apply for a job, the first person has a family connection but does not have any skills and ability, and the second person has the skills and ability to work but does not have any connection. Finally, the one who get the job is the first person. Why? As mentioned above, Indonesia is a country that evaluate their people based on wealth, connections, and popularity. This kind of condition often really happens in Indonesia. Actually, if Indonesia wants to improve the economic condition and advanced their standard of living, Indonesia should adapt meritocracy system, so government representatives come from high educated background not from people who just has connection and status. So the conclusion is Indonesia cannot improve the economic condition due to fail in adapting meritocracy system . Therefore, meritocracy is a myth in Indonesia.

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